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Marcus Alexander Colorist

Knowing exactly what he wanted to do right out of high school, Marcus hit the ground running. He brings a different take to the world of editing with his extensive knowledge of different editing techniques and specializes in Horror and Thriller style film making.


He has worked with various production companies such as That's My Entertainment (TME) Productions, 2AMB Productions, and Tempt Media Productions as well as freelance editing work. He continuously takes on new innovative projects to expand his knowledge of all forms of post production, spending countless hours practicing and perfecting his craft. Although he specializes in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Davinci Resolve, he's quickly mastering other's such as Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, and Adobe After Effects.


In his last year at San Diego State University, Marcus received the "Editor of the Year" award for being top of his class in post production for various works both on and off campus. In his senior year he collaborated with partners Gabriel E. Guzman and Jesus Jimenez on their independent film 'Among Thieves'. Afterwhich they dove into production of their short '80 Proof' which led to forming Nitrate Films Entertainment.

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