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Jesus Jimenez Director

Writer/Director Born and Raised in San Diego, California.


"There's great excitement that I find in being able to create and manifest dreams into moving images, all while working with spectacular talent from all over the world. With each film comes a new journey - a journey fueled by love and passion for our craft. Add me to your network and lets make a film".


Jesus Jimenez is a writer and director with the Los Angeles based film and motion picture company, Nitrate Films. He has been writing since childhood and holds a BA in Film and Cinema Arts with a minor in Screenwriting and Directing in Theatre Arts.


Jesus is affiliated with the Poolhouse Project and the San Diego Film Consortium and is a member of the International Society of Business Leaders. One of the original founders of Nitrate Films. With the help of NFE he has produced a mulititude of award winning films such as "Among Thieves" (2015) and "PIGS" (2014).

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